Day 1: Baltimore to Austin, TX

Just kidding about going to Austin, TX. But, today we biked about 60 miles to La Plata, MD. The big thing today was the send off ceremony. Really the best word to describe it  was surreal. It really did hit me once I figured out that I was actually biking across the country, and why exactly I was doing it. We dipped our back tires into the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, symbolic of the start of our journey. We will then dip our front tires into the Pacific Ocean near San Diego. I cannot fathom this voyage, but I know it has and will be done, for a cause that will influence so many beautiful people.

After we set out from the Inner Harbor, we got onto some main streets and were able to begin our ride. The route was fairly hilly, but the weather was about 75 with minimal wind. We got some very gracious food donations, and our host here is wonderful. I have a full stomach and am showered, and really that is all I can ask for. I got about 4 hours of sleep last night due to my awesome skills at punctuality with packing and really anything else. My excitement and nervousness also kept me from going to sleep at a reasonable time. Yet, I am here now, I somehow biked 60 miles (my longest bike ride to date!), and am content though tired.

Tomorrow, we have about a 50 mile day. I am definitely going to need to drench myself in sunscreen because I am a hue of red I didn’t know existed. I am still getting into the groove of things – getting to know everyone on my team better and figure out more logistical things – but everything is going ok right now. Stay posted for my future updates!

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1 Response to Day 1: Baltimore to Austin, TX

  1. Rima Mohama says:

    Great job Danny, was so excited to read about your first day, keep going and be strong, we love you!

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