Day 8: Rest Day in Raleigh, NC

Well, we are in Raleigh, NC and I can’t believe we all biked here from Baltimore! We are staying at a man named Dean Hallberg’s house, and it is quite the weekend. He is so hospitable and told us that there are “no rules” in his house. We also found a canvas with all our pictures cut out on it. He really makes us feel at home here.


More importantly, his inspiration to us has been unbelievable. He lost both his first and second wife to cancer, and the struggle he has dealt with has been astronomical. Yesterday, we all shared our own stories in his living room about why we are doing this journey this summer, and the tears, hope, and community we formed was truly surreal. Afterward, I talked to him personally a little more, and found out that he was born and raised in Minnesota, and had relations to South Dakota as well. We talked about cycling, a little bit about our backgrounds, and just generally chatting. Such a nice guy. This has been a really renewing weekend so far.

Unfortunately, I believe I have contracted a stomach virus starting this past Thursday. It was probably those freaking crab cakes that looked so good at the time. I can barely eat a meal without feeling sick and could hardly ride my bike without feeling dizzy. Hopefully by tomorrow, I am somewhat good shape to bike, even though we will be going 85 miles.

Anyway, during our time in Raleigh, we got the chance to visit NC State University, and overall see the layout of the city. We didn’t have the chance to go downtown, but overall, Raleigh is a pretty cool place. So far, other than my stomach virus snafu, the biking has really not been too bad. It is fun riding in groups of 3 or 4, the mileage has not been terrible, and the landscapes and images we have seen have been pretty wonderful. I know I haven’t updated y’all on the past few days, but so far we have been in Farmville and South Boston. Here are some pics of our trip along the way:


The above pic I believe is from our ride from Petersburg to Farmville. We had a beautiful route to ride, and there was a beautiful pond near our water stop where we took this picture. Though this was a 70 mile day, it really was a beautiful and fun ride. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics from Farmville to South Boston, because my handlebar mount broke, but I also did start feeling sick that day and was not in too much of a picture mood.


From South Boston to Raleigh, I was in charge of the water van with another girl, and our job was to deliver water to all the riders. This day was pretty crazy because all the riders were so far spread apart and there were so many mechanical problems that occurred. Not to mention, the route sheet was pretty inaccurate anyway. However, everything worked out despite the frustration and stress, and arriving at the host was glorious. Anyways, sorry for the disorganization and rambling of this blog, but this is all that has happened so far!

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1 Response to Day 8: Rest Day in Raleigh, NC

  1. Rima Mohama says:

    Nice to hear from you again Danny! keep us posted have fun and be strong, hope you will feel better soon!

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