Day 17: Atlanta, GA, to Carrollton, GA

Sorry for not updating the blog recently! A lot has happened in this past week, and with a mix of no wifi and just being too busy, I haven’t had a chance to blog. But, I will try to fill you all in as best as possible.

After Gastonia, we made our way to Clemson University, where we were able to camp for the night. It was our first time camping, but we were right on the lake, and had the chance to talk with some cool grad school students playing guitar and chilling on the dock there. We ate out at the Mellow Mushroom that night, and I had probably one of the best pizzas I’ve ever consumed.

We then made our way to Athens, GA, for the next day, after spending some more time in Clemson the next morning. Athens holds the University of Georgia, which houses a Catholic Church some of us were able to attend this past Sunday. It was really refreshing getting some time in that Church with a renewing message to strengthen us for the trip.

After Athens, we went to Atlanta, where we were able to start our rest weekend. We stayed really close to Georgia Tech, where a friend of mine, David Hanna, currently goes to grad school. I met up with him for lunch at an Arabic restaurant, which was fantastic. It was great seeing a familiar face in a distant city!

The following day in Atlanta, we had a service where we visited and helped at a Hope Lodge. Essentially, these are locations where cancer patients can stay for some time while they are getting treatment, if their homes are a considerable distance from their treatment center. This specific Hope Lodge was at Emory University, and we did a lot of chores that involved cleaning, amounting to an equivalent of about $3,000 of work, according to a manager there. Considering it was all volunteering, our work really did go a long way, and helped make the “no-cost” aspect of the Hope Lodge much more possible for cancer patients. I am really moved by this, considering the fact that cancer patients go through so much already during their treatment.

That night, we were able to go to an Atlanta Braves game! It was really cool seeing a professional baseball game, considering I had never seen one before. It was also great bonding with the team at Turner Field.

Finally, this morning, we got back on our bikes and biked to Carrollton, GA. It was a 50 mile day, but it really was not too bad. It was a great transition after a rest weekend.

Tomorrow, I’ll post pictures, there are a lot!

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1 Response to Day 17: Atlanta, GA, to Carrollton, GA

  1. Rima Mohama says:

    Nice to hear from you again Danny, I am glad that you are having a good time and a great experience! We are so proud of you and wish you safe and enjoyable ride!

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